Ebay Question i'm having trouble can any of you help

Hi Guys , I am working off my Web-TV unit again , while my computer is down.

I'm experiencing trouble with singing into my ebay Account. Does this happen to any of you out there or could this be related to Web-TV itself. I have gotten messages saying that "you have signed someone else into your account" telling me to fill out some kind of form.

But I deleted them thinking they were some of those e-mails 'fishing' for your personal information that they tell you NOT to respond to.

Any thoughts on what might be going on here. I can't find a phone number for Ebay to ask them or anything like that.

thanks very much , I hope you can help

... Carl ..........

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cyberborg 4000
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Those WERE phishing letters. I've received a batch myself lately with that identical excuse. Delete them. But as for what's up with Ebay/WebTV, I don't know.

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Please ignore any strange and not so strange emails from "eBay". They only Phish for your personal info.

Actually, instead of just deleting them, forward them to snipped-for-privacy@ebay.com . That will help eBay in tracking them and they will also email you to inform you if the email was real or not. That way, it'll put you at ease (that your account is safe).


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Peter W.

It's my guess that E-bay has upgraded themselves to where your webTV no longer will get you in. One of the factors that pushed me into Mozilla was the lack of co-operation between Netscape 4.7 and E-bay. I could use Explorer but I'd rather not. Using Netscape to access my sales gets me a notice that they've upgraded their stuff and would I please do so.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Carl, I read on another NG that your eBay/WebTV problem is probably something to do with cookies and/or coding. The poster suggested trying to access eBay through one of the other gateways such as the UK or Canadian versions.

HTH Sister Mary

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MJ Rudy

I'm guessing there are no cookies saved by WebTV. You may have to sign in on every screen. >:^P

-- C.R. Krieger

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C.R. Krieger

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