Eduard World War I Strip-down kits?

Has anyone built any of the Eduard World War I Strip-down kits such as the
Fokker Dr. I and Dr. VIII? Your input as far as complexity to build, etc.?
Thanks, Jim
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I'm a novice when it comes to these etched Eduard kits although I have always wanted to try one. Can you give me a brief synapsis on what is involved in building one? Thanks, Jim in San Diego
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Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
I'll face the music. My philosophy is that if it ain't fun, why bother. The demonstration was just that, and served its purpose. That being done, I had fun stuff to do.
The DR.I is well engineered and the end product is kinda cool, albeit weird.
Hey, I saw someone build their Piper Cub or Grasshopper (whatever it was) half in rib only, and half skinned. It was kinda cool like that.
--- Tontoni
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Stephen Tontoni

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