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Friends, I am getting my 30 yr + kit collection sold for me, usually a
kit at a time, by my good friend awhistler86 on eBAY. I have been
trying to price the kits using John W. Burns' - Kit Collector's Clearing
House, "Plastic Aircraft Kits of the 20th Century" and "Collector's Value
Guides". I have approx. 1200 kits and figurines for sale including many
CzechMASTER epoxy resin castings that I obtained from my friend in Prague.
I am primarily fascinated by Spanish Civil War, and most of the kits and
figurines reflect that fascination, but you will find a great variety of
"Between the Wars" aircraft, figurines and even early jet propelled stuff.
It will take a great deal of time to empty out the collection, so I would
ask you to put awhistler86 on your eBAY favorite sellers lists.
Thanks for your consideration,
Bill Brown -o-
Marron el rojinegro
Si me quieres escribir,
Ya sabes me paradero!...
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Bill Brown
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