Gloat: November Squadron Flyer...

Just wanted to say mine fell through the door today.
In Yorkshire.
In England.
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Matt Bacon
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got mine too in raleigh
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Got mine on the OBX today, too! :)
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Got mine yesterday.
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Mike Goldsbury
nothing in Vermont yet..
Mike please remove "diespam" to reply
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've misunderstood the situation.
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Me too Got mine Thursday & on the OBX I'm in S Nags Head, you ? John
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John Ratzenberger
I'll get you at recess!
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Yah? Well when Squadron sends me my renewal card this year they had better be ready to produce copies of every single flyer which has never arrived since last March. I'm tired of being told that I should contact my postal folks.
Why in the hell don't they just charge us an extra two bucks for a subscription and mail the damned thing first class?
I've also suggested to them that they might just put the bulletins on the net - available to we "subscribers" - using some sort of entry code to access the website. Nope. Guess it's too much of a new fangled idea, eh?
Having been a loyal customer of Squadron since back in the very early 70s, I really expected they would have solved the mystery of the disappearing bulletins by now......Duh?
Rick Fluke
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Got mine yesterday (tuesday) in Canada :)
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Dominique Durocher
in article, Dominique Durocher at wrote on 10/30/03 12:45 AM:
Got mine last Monday. You guys sure the date is 2003 not '02?
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Milton Bell
I live in Manteo, John. Not a whole lot of modelers around here from what I've seen.
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