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My wife gave me a Nikon D40X for Christmas. I find it is a great
camera for modeling. It came with a Nikor 18-55mm lens, which I find a
good lens for model photography. Many macro lenses are macro only on
the longest (most zoomed) focal length. This little lens is macro at
ALL focal lengths. Long (telephoto) focal lengths compress depth,
while wide angle expands depth. I like to take model photos a bit
wider than normal perspective.
Ordinarily I use a regular zoom plus add a "closeup" lens. With this
lens I do not need to do that. Just zoom in to set the focus, then
zoom out to the focal length I want and the lens holds focus.
So if you are looking for a new camera for modeling, get one of the
D40x kits with that lens.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
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All of the Nikons have outstanding macro modes - I use a Coolpix S-6 now, and a 995 before that. Even those are great for shooting models.
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For an equally good camera, with the same lens and about $200 cheaper ... the Nikon D40 (without the x) is a wonderful camera.
If I get some free time in the next couple of days, I'll post some macro photos I took with my sony cybershot (point and shoot) & similar photos from the D40. The difference is astonishing.
An excellent website talking all about the D40 and the D40x and other cameras ...
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John McGrail
In article , D> My wife gave me a Nikon D40X for Christmas. I find it is a great
I've been very pleased with my Canon PowerShot A620. Can focus at 1cm from the subject. Pretty cheap camera that's easy to learn to use too.
By the way... if you're ever working on something and want to find any flaws, use a digital in macro mode; it'll blow the model up to many times its original dimensions. Including the flaws.
Heartless devices, they are.
--- Stephen
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Stephen Tontoni
Rufus wrote in news:%Cjqj.18293$9j6.12124@attbi_s22:
The beauty of the little Point and Shoot cameras is that due to their small sized sensors, they have an extremely large depth of field, even without stopping the lens down. This is one reason why they're so good for scale model photographs. The downside to this is the sometimes ordinary image quality, especially when you look at the new 12mp sensors.
RobG (the Aussie one)
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