IJN interior, cowl interior and wheelwell colors?

I'm building the Tamiya Zero, and am a bit confused on some color callouts. The destructions say "interior green" for the cockpit, and "metallic blue" for the wheelwells. Well..... Since we, the Brits, and the Ruskies all have different versions of 'interior green', I'm assuming the Japanese do as well, so.... Also, just what shade of metallic blue might they be referring to? I have four or five in the drawer, but Murphy's law says it's none of those. There is no color listed for the inside of the cowling, so I'm thinking...flourescent pink with blue stripes, just for grins? I'm open for suggestions on these items.

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Interior green - depends on who built the aircraft, Mitsubishi or Nakajima. They used different interior greens, one not unlike British interior green and one not unlike US interior green though slightly lighter and paler.

Wheel wells - the blue, and some cases green, is a transparent protective coat over the airframe's aluminium structure. Best way to replicate is to first spray aluminium and then a transparent blue or green, not too much, most photos I've seen seem to indicate a fairly thin coat.

Cowling - black, unless you insist on flourescent pink with blue stripes.

There is a lot more information available at

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Quick answer: The color for the cockpit area called "Bamboo" is a dead match for British interior green. hth

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