In praise of wood aircraft modelers

Especially the ones that don't crack up while doing the hundreds of
turbine blades one-by-one. :-)
From "Modern Mechanix" - behold rapid prototyping, 1948 style:
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would be fun to know what happened to these in the years after they
were made.
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Pat Flannery
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There was story around the same time about Britain's ill-fated "Brabazon" airliner. Carpenters had been asked to build a simple mock-up of the fuselage for training purposes but being the skiled craftsmen they were proceeded to build an exact replica of the interior with luxury bar and full interior trim at an eventual cost of a million pounds.
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you have way too much time on your hands young man. i suggest you keep busy by organixing my kits and tuning my motorcycles. after all, idle hands are useless to me....
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