Lamborghini Miura - Hasegawa ?

Can anyone tell me wether the Lamborghini Miura P400 SV from Hasegawa
(#21213 , Historic Car series 13) has a separate detailled engine or
not (i.e. 'curb side') ?
The packaging bosts 116 parts but is rather miserly on features (at
least in english...).
Also, following a post earlier last year (sorry, threads and
newsgroups are new to me) about Miura's :
From :Sir Loin of Beef (
Subject :[Q] Lamborghini Jota/Miuras in 1/24th?
Heller (France) also made a 1/24 model of a Lamborghini Miura
(Jota-model 1969). However, the packaging reports 59 parts, soooo I'm
not sure of the quality of that kit.
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The Hasegawa kit has top and bottom pieces to represent the engine, but does not have complete engine detail. Check out this link for scans of the instruction sheet:
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Dave Merrington

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