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hello are there any other painting directions for m151 mutt than just plain od ? maybe someone can post links to mutt photos serving in navy ( i've seen some photos of willys in navy grey but not mutt ). thx in advance sorry for rough english greetings rafal

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We used the M151A2 up until 1989 in Germany where they were painted a variation of the four color scheme shown on the Tamiya box (our schemes omitted the small amounts of sand color).

The last time I saw the Jeeps in use was the summer of 1992 at Ft. Hood, Texas. They were being used by a National Guard unit. They were painted overall forest green.

I've seen photos of Desert Storm era M151A2 "Super Jeeps". They were sand colored. I bought a Kirin conversion for someone a while back.

Rob Gronovius

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I remember a Jeep (I think it was a mutt-type but I'm not an expert and don't remember for sure) showing up in the Recon area one morning in June of

1967. It got my attention because it was parker on the path right behind our hootch and it was painted a glossy dark blue with prominent USAF and a serial number stenciled on the side of the hoot (or, perhaps the fender). I seem to remember the stenceling as being a yellow-gold color but it could have been white.

My old platoon commander and a couple other of our officers went into Danang (Danang city was basically off-limits to Marines at the time-at least to Recon Marines) for a night of "runnin' the bars." When they discovered the SEABEE truck they'd ridden in on had already departed, they liberated the Air Force Jeep and drove it back to Camp Reasoner. It was gone by noon and I heard that Top Tuttle drove it down to Danang Airbase and just left it there.

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Bill Woodier

They were also painted in the typical 80's four-color green/green/tan/black scheme. Even the ones here in at Camp Mabry (nat guard) were in those colors back then. In the early 90's, I saw two at FT. Hood painted in a desert sand and dark brown scheme. But I only saw two this way.

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Greg Heilers

Greg's comments cover the bulk of US National Guard jeeps in two shades of green, black and tan.

The majority of US jeeps were painted up starting in 1975 in one of several MERDC paint schemes using 12 different colors and four-color layouts. Most common was one in "Winter Verdant" which was (IIRC) FS34079 dark green, FS30118 Field Drab, FS37038 black and FS30277 desert sand, sprayed on in proportions of 45/45/5/5. Most units used the FS30277desert sand color for rectangles to put their bumper codes on.

Greg's observation is the "Summer Verdant" scheme in FS34102 Forest Green, Light Green, Black and Sand. Same proportions.

Another common scheme in the Western US (e.g. Arizona, Nevada, California) was Red Desert -- Earth Red, Earth Yellow, Sand and Black in the same proportions.

Later, in the early 1980s the Winter Verdant scheme went to an approximation of the new NATO scheme and dropped the desert sand shade. Proportions varied according to taste but were more like 40/40/20 green to field drab to black.

Cookie Sewell

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There was a secretive special ops unit at Camp Humphreys in Korea circa 1979-81 that had M151s painted flat black with nondescript bumper numbers like "132D". How's that for obviousness?

John Hairell ( snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com)

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John Hairell

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