Misterkit gone?

Ordered from them couple weeks ago. Nothing past the confirmation, Now
website not available.
They don't answer emails, and I'm about ready to start the process to get my
money back. The only thing I really wanted was the Tauro decals and ordered
some other items to amortize shipping, which I think was way to high anyway.
I've heard they were good and had a good catalog, but...
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Gray Ghost
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You didn't say where on the planet you are located (it is a World Wide Web, after all). Misterkit's American website is still up. You might inquire there. Gerald Owens
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Gerald Owens
Gerald Owens wrote in news:6a62a0e5-9e0f-4f0e-8bad- snipped-for-privacy@d12g2000vbz.googlegroups.com:
I'm in the US.
Ick, the website is not impressive. Well, lesse, the phone number doesn't work. I sent an email, we'll see if they answer.
At this point, my willingness to deal with them is sorely diminished.
They charged ny card the day after I placed the order. The site said very clearly delivery in 5 to 7 days after they shipped. Considering what I paid for postage, yea.
Status was marked as "delivered" that day or next, I was looking for "shipped". As the website is down I cannot check status further.
The payment processing service on thier end sella.it processed the payment. 2 emails to them have gotten the same response, "we've notified the store". And the store has still not contacted me, nor has the package arrived.
Whatever the story is, I am past the point where it matters. I have dealt with companies in the UK, Poland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Japan, Hong Kong and the Ukraine. Honestly the one I worried about the most was the Ukraine however it went smoothly.
In each case I was able to check status and ommunication was satisfactory.
Whatever thier story is, I am VERY uncomfortable with thier silence.
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Gray Ghost
Gray Ghost wrote in news:Xns9E89A527FCCE2Wereofftoseethewizrd@
Just checked my bank statement. They also overcharged me by about $20. Big sigh. Called the bank and got my money back pending an "investigation".
Oh well. Sorry that some of you had gotten good service from them but...
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