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I recently sent photos of the U.S.S. Drum to

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and possibly later on this coming week, it will be on there. No hurry for it, but I got to say that anyone that some aftermarket company could realize that they could make a resin or plastic conversion for the Revell 1/72 scale Gato Class submarine. Now I hope the photos will help tremendously to make the parts for it. But I had some serious thoughts about building this sub as the U.S.S. Drum.

I think it is the nicest kit I ever done. But some of your Gatos are different than the one of the kit. But in my better judgement that this kit is especally for the Cobia. Now, when you see the walkaround on the site, check it out. It is different than the kit.

Now, here is another dilema. I did some hard core research and judging by my pictures of the pics during combat manuvers, the Drum kind of looked like the Cobia (sailwise) and according to the history, the Drum was refitted in which it looks like today. If you go to this site,

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You will see the history of it. Now, I am going to alt.binaries.models.scale and upload the pictures and see for yourself.

Hope you will have fun with the sub...


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You will find that there are almost no two Gatos alike due to the liberty granted the boat's captains during the war. Since submarine warfare was still in its infancy the Navy allowed the captains to add or subtract just about whatever they wanted to improve the performace of thier boats.

I'll be looking for your walkaround on SN. Thanks for submitting it.

Rusty White Flagship Models > I recently sent photos of the U.S.S. Drum to

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Rusty White

IIRC also due to the various yards building them.


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