Old Revell 1/32 P-40, Spitfire and Bf-109 on Ebay

Hey--this is fun.
I listed the original old Revell kits as a lot of three.
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did kits in the 1960's have the parts in bags as described? I thought 1960's Revell kits were loose in the box???? Craig
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Hmmm. Interesting point. I can't remember. I know when Revell re-released a couple of these kits in the mid-late 1980s they were in bags because I have a couple. My really old kits are in the storage locker so I can't take a peek at them.
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Bill Woodier
Yes, they had the bags. They were flimsy, crummy bags, but they were bags (the 1/32 scale kits had bags anyway). In this case, I'm the one who opened them! (Kicks self).
These kits were very exotic to me when I was ten. Had the paint scheme on the bottom of the box (I'd never seen a Frog kit) and all kinds of innovations!
Uh...I didn't buy these particular ones when I was ten, by the way. Mother would never allow me to keep kits for forty years...what's that mother? No, I'm just answering a question on Usenet...oh darn, there goes the bell...must be someone wanting to check in to the motel...
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IIRC, there was one large bag that all the parts were in save the instructions and decals. On some those were inside too.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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