One Last Fletcher Question

The last one, I promise (at least for now).
What color should I paint the underside of overhanging decks? I'm
finishing the ship in the modified Ms. 12 worn at the Naval Battle of
Guadalcanal (Nov. 1942). Would they have been deck blue like the tops of
the decks?
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Joe Jefferson
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A system called "countershading" was very common although according general instruction regarding camouflage it was left to individual judgement, presumably of the Commanding officer . Countershading works by lightning areas of deep shadow by the application of white to the shadowed areas. I can find no reference to the Measure 12 but several other Measure instructions state "Paint the underside of all overhanging surfaces, White (5-U)" The idea was to have the light surface reflect onto the adjacent bulkhead and lighten the shadowed area.
For reference try "USN Camouflage 1 of the WW2 era" by The Floating Drydock
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Les Pickstock
5-N Navy Blue.
Joe Jeffers>
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Great! Thanks. :)
Now all I have to do is find time to go to the hobby shop and get some paint. (And not just the one color either.)
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Joe Jefferson

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