Floquil German Imperial Infantry Blue for P51D question

Recently decided to start again building Preddy's P51D Cripes A Mighty.
Decal sheet reference states that the best color for painting blue nose is
Floquil German Imperal Infantry Blue 303080 but this color seems to be
unexisting.Does anyone knows the modern ref nuber for this color or at least
closest match for mustang's blue nose?
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Victor Bykov
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it really depends on which Cripes'A'Mighty you're doing. He flew at least three different Mustangs marked so. If it's 3rd or 4th (which wasn't marked Cripes'A'Mighty 4th, just Cripes'A'Mighty), a pretty good color to use is approximately FS 25102, medium blue. The 352FG used at least three different shades of blue on their Mustangs, but this is very close to the last color they used. Steve
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