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Was reading the article in the New York Times about the Princess Margaret affair. It mentioned her suitor: Group Captain Townsend, RAF war hero'. Was he a spitfire pilot? What squadron did he fly with and what were his awards/achievements and didn't he have a son who was a rock star or am I confusing one Townsend with another? Mike IPMS

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Mike Keown
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He was CO of 85 Squadron RAF during the Battle of Britian, flying Hurricanes. As far as I know he was not related to the veteran "The Who" Plank Spanker of the same name...


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Mark Wilson

Take a look here:

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Al Lindsay

This site is OUTSTANDING but is their an equivalent one for USAAF bombers in Europe. Specifically, I am looking for all detail available concerning the Ryuken heavy water plant raid (i. e. squadrons/groups participating, individual aircraft/crews, losses, combat reports, bomb loads, everything I can get).

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