P-51 rivets

Last week I had the opportunity to check out a P-51D, and at least on this
one, there clearly are rivets on the wings, both top and bottom. For ease of
maintenance, the whole plane is painted, and of course it is completely
restored. The owner was unaware of any instances where the original wings
were sealed and painted.
I got some great photos of the wheel wells and wheels as well.
Interestingly, the inner gear doors should not be all zinc chromate, since
the middle section was made of stainless steel, and was designed for the
main gear wheel to hit and assist in putting the doors down. The constant
scrubbing of the tire on the door necessitated the use of the stainless
steel panel.
We did a formation flight with a T-33 afterwards- it was a great experience.
If anyone wants detail photos send me an email offline.
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I read the review. The real rivets are not as pronounced as on the model, but clearly are visible and present.
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