Martin Baltimore interior color

Hello everyone,

I'm planning to build a Marin Baltimore that served in the RAF. My question is: Was the interior painted in RAF color ( Humbrol 78) or in USAF color ???

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Most likely US colour, or possibly natural metal - is it a lend lease aircraft or a direct purchase one?

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Dave Fleming

Hello Dave,

I think it's a lend - lease aircraft.It's a model of a Mk IV or Mk V. What's the color of those aircraft?

Greetings Henk

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I have 'Martin Aircraft 1909-60' and there is a color photo on pg 98 of a Baltimore IIIA at the factory and there is not any paint on the interior of the main landing gear doors and the bombadier's interior looks to my eye unpainted (though I could be wrong).

Another photo on page 127 in b&w shows the main subassemblies postitioned together and you can cleary see that right behind the pilot, there is interior paint.

All the other photos, you can't tell.

Interestingly enough the bottom photo on 127 shows another Baltimor at the factory and the outer wings are already camoflaged and the rest of the plane is in natural metal!

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