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In the literature I got from Testors last year. It says to invert the
bottles of paint to prevent air from getting in.
Do they mean before or after one has opened them? If it's before, then why
aren't they sold like that?
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I'd guess if you opened them and then turned them upsiode down you'd get paint on your pants ;]
Seriously, it's an old painters trick to keep the "skin" that forms on paint tins from forming at the top of thetin. Once opened (and resealed - HA) the air that gets trapped inthe tin tends to dry out the paint and forn a skin at the top. This is (a) a royal pain to scrape of and throw (b) if you mix it back in it causes lumps (c) all the pigments sink. By storing the tins upside down the skin, if it forms, forms at the base of the tin lettign you stir the pigments back to life without lumps, and add thinners to get the right consistency. It works with 4 litre and above tins of house paint (have done so for years myself) but on tinlets ect I dont know if it is worth it.
Oh, and by the way, it takes bloody ages for a skin to form even if the tin is left undisturbed, so it's only of use for your low useage paints.
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