Putty in inside corners.

My modeling got me cornered - so to speak.
The point is that I'm somewhat stuck in the corners.
Right now I'm building a shipmodel - using glassfiber.
Home made everything - scratch building ;-)
Since I'm not getting a perfect surface on both in- and outside I have
to use putty. Or at least I use putty.
My problem is sanding the putty that gets in the inside corners.
How do you guys deal with that?
How do you get into the corners with any sanding device to get those
just right and smooth?
Oh - forgot - the model is in 1:75 and for RC so I use auto 'bondo' - if
that makes any difference.
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Uffe Bærentsen
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I use a dental instrument that I picked up at a gun show called a cavity file - it's like a dental pick, but with a file on the end of it about twice the size of the head of a pin. Really allows one to get into the square recess for finish work.
Up to that stage, if the area is open, I'll make a tool out of wood of the required shape and glue sandpaper to it - a dowel with a handle, and hard square block, whatever is required for the initial rough out.
But if I really have to get into a corner, I use my cavity file(s). I think I picked them up for a couple $ each, if that much.
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Might be able to get a whole set of them at Harbor Freight for $5.
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Tom Thompson

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