Question about obsolete German WWII Armor at the end of the war

I was wondering what became of the obsolete German armor that had served in
the early war years (Panzer Is, IIs, etc. ) and might have been available
when near the end Germany was going thru the death throws, fielding old men
and boys. Did they also send any of the old hardware back into the field?
Or had it all been converted to Flak chassis variants or sent to the
Curious to know if any latewar Allied armor tangled with any of the early
panzer types in some famous/infamous encounters. Machinegun tanks versus
Fireflys, that sort of mismatch.
Anybody know?
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Yes, tank school vehicles were pressed into combat. Older vehicles used for anti-partisan duty also saw combat as the front lines reached them. Check out the three photo books in the "Panzer Wrecks" series by William Auerbach, or the two "Panzers in the Gunsights" books from Concord. Gerald Owens
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Gerald Owens
Thanks. I saw "Panzers in the Gunsights" online, but its content wasn't obvious. I'll draw a bead on the "Wrecks" books.
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That's *five* (so far) books in the Panzer Wrecks series.
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Most active obsolete vehicles were used in the back lines, as police vehicles and for anti-partisan activities. Not a lot of opportunities for them to encounter more modern opponents, and any such encounters would likely have been very brief!
Bruce Melbourne, Australia
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Bruce Probst

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