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Couldn't it

>have been cast with the holes already there??? >

You'd think so wouldn't you? I guess getting all those small holes to line up in the mold is too much of a pain. Is this kit a recent release?

Does anyone know of any kits of >the Defient, Voyager or Enterprise D in the same scale?

The sad think with most of the ST kits is they rarely use the same scale twice. Cheers,

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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Aren't the Enterprises in the 3 pc. sets the same scale as the DS9? I remeber that there are ships to scale but I can't remember which ones. I do think it is the 3 pc sets though.

Cheers, Max B

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M Bryant

"Digital_Cowboy" wrote in news:Xns955FDD856A390nobodynobodycom@

Yeah, that's what I normally do too.

Look over at Federation models. Some of thier sellers have Trek ships in a wide variety of scales so you might find something there. Also, this link takes you to a list of Trek kit scales:

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Hope this helps.


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As M Bryant says, the three Enterprises kit (the original, the Motion Picture version, and the E-D, there is also a later and rarer set of the E-B, E-C, and E-E) is in 1/2500 as this kit claims to be.

Alas, "claims to be" is the operative phrase here. If I remember, the kit works out to be a scale kilometer across, and that may be the size they had in mind when laying out the windows and rooms. But to fit the Enterprise between the docking arms for its docking scene, the station needs to be about 50% bigger. After some back-and-forth-ing, the "official" size is now decided to be 1451.82 meters across.

So, are you up for carving out larger pieces using your kit for reference? (You can salvage the Runabouts, they are the proper size for

1/2500 of the official size. And, at two pieces, they may be the smallest model "kit" of a subject from a major manufacturer.)

But to find an Enterprise that will fit inside your DS9: it would have to be (mumble, mumble) something like 1/3600 scale. The saucer would be about 12 cm or 5 inches across, about the width of your hand. I think there was a toy this small, check the flea markets (take your precision measuring instrument -i.e. hand- with you).

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Jack Bohn

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They used the same mould for the unlighted kit. Those buyers would then whine about those holes that have to be filled.

I was all fired up until those last 4 words. I think they've all been kitted but not to the same scale as each other or DS9. BTW the Voyager was a Monogram kit whilst the others came from Ertl.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Yes, which means they've been remaindered. A local store has had a few boxes the first set on the shelves for $25 since they were new. I hope you will not think I'm bragging when I say I picked up half a dozen for $5 from Odd Lots years ago for ship-bashing.

The image is everything. Oddly, the large ships seem to park far away from the station: I remember Galaxies and Nebulas and Excelsiors and the Cardassian Galors. The small ships, the Defiants and Birds of Prey seem to "plug into" the ring ports.

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Jack Bohn

Following along on this thread, I have to ask what about some of those Micro-Machines that were available a couple of years back? Some of those might be a small enough scale.

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The Old Timer

I was pretending I didn't want to get into that, but...

As most AMT Trek kits are "box" scale, the Micro-Machines could be called "2 1/2 inch scale" as the are all about 2 1/2 inches long. Against the DS9 model, these should represent ships that are supposed to be 150 meters long (plus or minus 50 percent, as I explained in an earlier post). The Defiant might actually be a good fit here. Also the Grissom. And the Klingon Bird of Prey (which itself has represented ships that are supposed to be 60 meters to nearly 700 meters).

To complete the subject, they say the Hallmark Voyager Christmas ornament from years back was near 1/2500 scale.

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Jack Bohn

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