AMT/ERTL StarWars TIE Fighter parts?

I'm looking for parts for an AMT/ERTL Imperial TIE Fighter kit, or, if push comes to shove, the whole kit. All I need are the three parts that make up the panel you can see through the front glass. I would imagine all the TIE fighters from ERTL have the same cockpit, so theoretically any of their kits should work. I've tried Starship Modeler, but the only reply I got was from someone who doesn't have them. There are two TIE fighters in the kit, and I have the other panel, but what I don't have is the patience to try and learn how to cast one out of resin with the vain hope of eventually getting a good one. Thanks.

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Has anyone gotten back to you on this? Because I had an occasion to go sneaking around in the attic... I mean to go up to the attic, yesterday, and I found the TIE Fighter kit and the older TIE Interceptor kit. You'll need parts

13, 22, and 24, right? I could get them in the mail Wednesday or so. (This area in the Interceptor is about the same size, but uses a single. less detailed piece.)
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Jack Bohn

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