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One can coat the back of the aluminum foil with contact cement, ditto the model. It works best in very large scale, as its thickness can be a problem.

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Hi there, > > I want to know how to use kitchen foil to achieve metal finish. The reason I > asked is commercial BareMetalFoil is very expensive. Yes they are thin and > really good, but it will be great if I can find some cheap alternative. > The biggest hurdle about using kitchen foil is it is not adhesive. If you > know how to solve this problem, please share your tips. > From internet, I learned of something called Mirco Metal foil adhesive > solution. Is it good and easy to apply? Is it worthy to buy? > Also what kind of kitchen foil (I mean name brand) is the best (or thinnest) > in your opinion? > One last question, I heard that there are also stainless steel foil, copper > foil etc around, where can I find them? (I haven't seen any in groceries > store) > Thanks a lot and happy modeling. > > Ming
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Try using kitchen foil with "Micro Metal Foil Adhesive" from Microscale. I've used it with good results. The cheaper the foil, the thinner so in this case, cheap is better. If you want a slightly dulled finish, use the dull side of the foil, and alternate the orientation of the pannels as you go. This will give your model a more dynamic appearance.

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Here's a link to an very good article on the topic:

Foiling techniques



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Check out Marv Howell's great foiling article at

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mING; THE fOIL ADHESIVE WORKS REALLY GOOD FOR THE FOIL, but YOU HAVE TO USE THE bROILING FOIL, not the regular foil as it is too thin &rips easy.micro-metal foil adhesive qpplies with a Q-tip, it must be burnished down. remember that when foil is applied to use piecesas big as the panel lines on the kit. never use 1 solid piece as real aircraft are not made that way. also I despise darkening in panel lines as all the real pics I've seen of jjets you can't see the panel lines. if you could in 172 scale and have dirt in the openiongs the jet would not fly. cheers, Bob k.

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