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This is perhaps a rather basic question but I am new to the hooby. I am wondering if someone can direct me to a good resource on this issue. I am aware that there are several options.

I have finished a plane with tamiya colours and put on the falt coat from Tamiya as the last step. I was told I can use oil based paints to accentuate the panel lines and was under the impression that i was to thin the paint with turpentine which i did. When I attempt to fill in the lines the excess remains around them. What is the best way to remove this and when does it need to be done? Do you let it dry completely and then remove it with turpentine on a cloth? (this seemed to remove everything and began to blur the detail itself).



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If you apply any wash (to bring out the panel lines), you should top the model with gloss coat, not flat. A gloss coat makes it easier to remove the excess wash, and the wash won't stain and soak into the surrounding finish. After your lines are nice and crisp, then you throw on the flat coat as the final step.

I usually wipe the excess wash after 30-60mins and I use artist oils thinned with Turpenoid. I then let the remaing lines dry for a couple of days. But if your wash has actually stained the flat coat- it's going to be really hard (if not impossible) to get off without seriously damaging the finish.

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