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Both 1/32 F-18 models (Academy and Hasegawa) are discussed at:

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The page also shows you how to improve the kits ande use spare parst form the Academy kit. I had the Hasegawa kit allready on the shelf, if you still have to buy a F-18 kit, go for the Academy kit. The extra stores can be used also for other kits .

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The Hasegawa F/A-18...not so nice, now that the Academy one is there. >(I have both kits, and can look at them side by side.) For one, it's a >pre-production Hornet - Hornet Number 1 to be exact. It has a noseboom, >early pre-prod, "short span" ailerons, open LEX slots, snagged wing and >stab leading edges. And the landing gear are HIDEOUS (the mains in >particular are a bit spindley, and the shock absorbers are DEAD WRONG) - >if you want something that actually looks like Hornet landing gear, >you'll have to do some scratch building. > >None of the flying surfaces are positionable, raised panel >lines...really nice cockpit, given the release date; lousy seat...big >mold seam down the center of the canopy. Decals...well, kit >decals...and nowhere NEAR the selection of ordnance that the folk at >Academy provide - no TFLIR, no external tank, no pylons, even - just two >AIM-7 and two AIM-9. By the time you're done you will have spent as >much as the Academy kit out of the box...probably more. As an example, >my Paragon add-on kit for conversion to A/C has a $42.75 price tag on >it...and that's IF you can still find one, now... > >Note that the tails will also need some work - the upper antennae group >will have to be reworked to production config, and Hornet 1 also had no >formation lights in it's tails. (CUM 1 has been restored and is parked >on my back line at present...and it STILL has no form lights in it's >tails.) Forget about using it for a YF-17 conversion as well, if you're >leaning that way... > >The first D&S on the Hornet has an article in the back on just what is >required to convert this kit to early production standards...lots of >work. I'd suggest you look this reference over before making your >choice. But I'd say that unless you actually want to build Hornet 1, or >an early lot A (by adding quite a bit of aftermarket resin and scratch >building), I'd shy away from this kit and spend your money on the >Academy one. You'll spend just as much in aftermarket parts, blood, >sweat, and tears trying to turn the Hasegawa 1/32 Hornet into something >presentably modern...unless you're just into that sort of pain...
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