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> Instructions show that a white star is to be used, even for the > Brits...Never noticed or thought about it before, but did the Brits not > have any insignia on their own armor like the USA (star) Germany (cross) > > What did the Brits use on their armor to show that they were British? > > Craig

They probably found it safer to carry the star.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak
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That's exactly it Bill. There is no British 'Royal Army' to match the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. The British Army is organised on notionally autonomous Regimental lines, and the only insignia carried are usually the regimental colours or 'flashes'. These are quite small and usually carried on forward and rearward facing surfaces such as track mudguards. When operating as part of a coalition (from Operation Torch to the latest Iraqi campaigns) the Brits do adopt the recognition markings of allies for safety reasons. Mostly, but not always (regardless of nationality) , they work. I'm hoping some AFV guys will jump in with clearer examples, links etc. about now...


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British forces did use a roundel similar to that used by the RAF up until about 1943

After this, the Allies (not just the US) adopted a unified symbol of a star in a circle, the circle was added as the star only could be mistaken for a cross from a distance.


Happy modelling Ant

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Ant Phillips

The British used a series of three stripes on the sides of tacticak vehicles beginning in WWI. Most them were white/red/white. The roundel was only used on the roofs of some of the later trucks.

But as nearly every nation figured out, if you put a nice, bright easy-to-read insignia on a vehicle right on top of the most vulnerable parts, it really says "SHOOT ME HERE!"

Ergo nearly every country wound up taking them off, subduing them, or miniaturizing them.

It DOES require a bit more attention to vehicle identification, but that has never bothered anyone's air forces! (The US and Soviets did go to either paint or colored panels to use for IFF with mixed results.)

Cookie Sewell

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