Has there been a Mercury Sable/Ford Taurus model?

Im wondering if any company made a 1992 Sable or Taurus

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Ertl/AMT had a Taurus SHO on the market years ago but I have no idea what year it represented.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

About that time period going on my cop books and info, i know the grills were alterd etc, its a SVO

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I have a dark cranberry 1 : 1 scale one sitting out in front of my house right now. Matter of fact you can have it for free. There's even some assembly required. The AXOD trans is sitting in the trunk, and somewhere there is a new PS rack for it. Car was factory setup as a police car as well, though never sold to a police dept.

And what do ya know ? Its even made by Ford :)

I gave up on it a while ago, but there are a LOT of brand new suspension, four wheel disc, and other parts in there. Me personally, I just want to see it GONE !!!

BTW, you pay shipping

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