Revell He-170 (kit #04229) Hungarian Air Force Option

Hi there,
Perhaps for some sin I committed in a past life, a strange cosmic force
compels me to make the Revell AG Heinkel He-70 'Blitz' kit (04229),
which is a re-release of Matchbox's model, with all the fit and quality
issues that come with it.
I am going to make the Hungarian Air Force license-built version (i.e.
He-170A, with a radial engine). The colour scheme is from 1942, a
Luftwaffe-style splinter scheme in three colours with a light blue/grey
undersurface. There is a colour palette here:
formatting link

but I'm not sure how accurate it is.
Now Revell, bless 'em, instruct the hapless modeller to use the
following colour scheme:
1) Underside Colour "I" - Hellblau/Light blue (Revell Matt 49)
probably equivalent to RLM 65(?)
2) Camo Colour "N" - 90% Wood-brown (Revell 382 ) + 10% Brown (Revell
3) Camo Colour "O" - 90% Olive Green (Revell 361) + 10% White (Revell
4) Camo Colour "P" - Grey (Revell 374)
all colours are described as 'silky-matt', but that's neither here nor
there, asi t can be handled easilt with a satin coat or whatever.
My question is: does anyone know which are the appropriate colours in
'straight' RLM terms, and how can I get them without mixing?
Any help is appreciated.
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Graham Riddle
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I have the original Matchbox instructions that I went by and they're a bit more enlightening that Revell's, apparently. I also had Squadron's Hungarian Air Force book as a reference.
Underside is Hellblau 65 Uppersides are in Sandgelb 79, Dunkelgrün 71 and Schwarzgrün 70.
IIRC, I used ModelMaster colours on mine. I really ought to finish it.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
And after I sent that I thought, "Why didn't I offer to scan the instructions?" Please consider it offered.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
Hi Bill,
Thankyou for your quick and most informative response.
Please consider your offer of a scan accepted.
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Graham Riddle

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