SHIP: HMS Rosalind WWI destroyer - looking for plans and info

OK folks I have one for the ship modelers out there. I close freind of mine, had a father that served on HMS Rosalind. This was a "Romola" class destroyer built during WWI. The only info I have been able to gleen from the "net" is the above info plus, that she was one of three Thornycroft (or Thornicroft - there are two different spellings) specials, on Oct 16 1916. She was sold for scrap in July of 1926. The other two "specials" were the HMS Radiant, and the HMS Retriever. I would like to build my freind a model of his father's ship. Now, I realize there probably isn't, nor was there ever, an off the shelf kit of this class of destroyer. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's why I'm posting this. If there aren't any kits, anyway to get plans for this ship? Where would I look for info on something like this? Any help, especially from the folks across the "pond" would be most appreciated. if you think I could post this message on another board and get better feedback, please let me know. Thanks.

Jeff Zimmerman IPMS# 29172 Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter Columbus, Ohio USA

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Try the nice people at White Ensign Models. Checkout their website or contact them if they can't help they'll know who can.

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