Slightly OT - another B-17 is lost

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Which one was it? Other than it was totalled nothing about which one was lost.
Cookie Sewell
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< Which one was it?
One news source says it was the "Liberty Belle" registered in Florida - supposed to viisits Cincinatti soon.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
...sad set of pics here:
More info here:
Aurora/Oswego is very near my home town...when I lived in Aurora with my grandparents as a kid it wasn't uncommon to see the odd warbird overhead, on it's way to somewhere.
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What a shame. At least the people all survived.
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is the website, it was advertised as giving rides in Aurora last weekend, there was a 2 man P-40 that was flying with it also giving rides. Aurora is about an hour and a half from me in Illinois.
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And I saw today that one of the Goodyear blimps has crashed killing its pilot. The article indicated that he got his passengers out (none hurt) and then the blimp lifted, deprived of its ballast. He was found at the controls, having steered the falling craft away from his ground crew and others in the area.
Regards, John Braungart
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The Old Man

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