some of my builds, pets etc :-)

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Wow dude you've been busy !
Love the Shepard, we have two now both still puppies.
Love the model pic's !! I dream of an Eduard MiG 21, but have just far too many OEZ and Academy MiG's and aftermarket for them, But someday...
Where did you photograph the Su 20 ? I LOVE Su 17/20's, got the Eduard one with everything I could get for it. I just got to become a better modeler first lol
Way to make a comeback !!!!!
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jules wrote the following on 9/18/2012 12:09 AM (ET):
Sorry, that link only goes to the home page of photobucket. I tried putting mycooljules in the search box, but it was not found. Doesn't PB have direct links to individual albums like other online photo repositories?
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willshak wrote the following on 9/18/2012 9:01 AM (ET):
DOH! I put mYcooljules instead os mrcooljules
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thanks, the eduard Mig is nice, i had seen people buy updated resin wheel b= ays, but i just used some lead wire, and a hour or so to busy it up a littl= e. the pilot that someone sent me really adds something though im poor at = doing figures.
i went to a Polish museum a few years ago, was great. i didnt have a great= camera, just a cheap point and shoot. been to lots of museums in E Germany= too. i have the old KP Su-22 and with all the bits. its my fave plane o= f all time.
next month i will be starting the 35th trumpy Mi-8 for a cold war build on = FB, a nice steady build, although have to fit a wedding in sometime lol.
Wittmann is nice, shes soft as a brush, had her just over 2 years, a family= had her, for only 2 weeks and got fed up with her. she was scared of me, = and men...getting better. shes great with kids, other dogs etc
i should have hundreds of fotos of E German Migs, Su's etc. i know they ar= e on my FB and will see how easy it is to transfer them to photobucket. im= going back over next year, with a good camera to take many thousands of fo= tos, and of ground suppot equipment and trucks too!
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