Suggestions for donating kits from my list

As is my custom at this time each year, I take about 4-6 kits from my
disposal list to donate to a local charity. These are for children up
to the age of 10, so I usually keep to basic subjects and simple
assembly. Accuracy is not really a factor. The kits, of course, must
be complete and boxes in good condition, which as many of you who have
bought from me know are how most of my kits are anyway.
I've now given away all my Starfix kits ;-) and was wondering what to
start on next from my disposal list. Suggestions would be welcome.
Reply by email preferred.
M. J. Rudy
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Common Airfix kits (not collector's items).
Snap-Tite kits fromMonogram, etc.
Current production kits.
I do the same thing every year with kits to the local VA hospitals. It's a really great feeling and the guys really appreciate it. Did the same with a lot of my military books.
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I don't know what kind of kits you have on your list, but aren't there some folks on here who donate kits to troops in Iraq? There's a good bunch of guys over on who sent me a Tamiya T-55 when I was in Afghanistan. I never had time to do anything with it, but I sure appreciated the gesture. A freind and I left our few modeling supplies there for others when we left. Maybe that's an option?
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Robert Skipper
You never know. A neighborhood kid came in while I was doing some Testors NATO aircraft weapons, and he was as fascinated with them as anything. ("This is a bomb." "Yeah, th' airplane drops it like this, wizzzz..." "This one is an air-to-air missile." "Oh! They're under the airplane like this, and they go whoosh...") And easy to assemble, some of them are just clip, file, clean, and paint.
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Jack Bohn
local Church that is sponsoring several kids whose families were put out by the hurricanes that came throught here in Florida
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