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Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well and I hope the Americans had
a nice Thanksgiving. Yesterday before we left for our family
gathering I posted updates to the disposal lists, and there are are a
few dozen new items. Mostly aircraft but a couple of armor kits and
the cars/motorcycles mentioned in my previous post asking for help on
prices. I didn't get any response to that post so I used my best
guess on the cars/motorcycles, basing them on what I could find out
from a number of current and past sources. My ignorance could be your
gain there. ;-)
New aircraft include a Monogram F-16XL, Classic Airframes MB-152,
Italeri BR-20 and numerous Heller kits including the one- or two-seat
F-104G. There are also some aftermarket decals and vac canopies for
some of the new items; these are separately listed on the decals page.
Armor includes a Tauro FIAT 3000.
Thanks for your time and happy searching.
M. J. Rudy
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