Taking a model apart

I know this is a long shot, but has anyone had experience of actually taking a partially built model apart?

I've just picked up a kit from someone at work (hasegawa F-15) & his young son has partially build the fuselage and cockpit, but not done a brilliant job with joining the panels.

I thought that a very sharp knife to seperate the pieces again then cleaning up before rejoining would be the best option considering plastic cement work by welding the plastic together. Cockpit might be a different matter altogether though.....might just end up being replaced. Does anyone agree with this or am I being stupid and missing an obvious trick?

Cheers Mark

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Stick it in the coldest part of your freezer for a couple days - the cold will make the glue-bonds weaker

Take it out, and while it's still cold, gently pry apart using a knife.

Depending on how old the model is, sometimes they almost fall apart themselves in the freezer

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D'you know, I almost didn't post this request because I didn't possibly think that there would be any other methods that would help.

Just goes to show what collective wisdom there is out there!

Thanks so much for the pointers


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