Wanted dragon 1/48 Me 262

Has any one got the Me 262 1/48 tank buster version the one with the canon in the nose and I also would like to buy the bomber version the one with the glass nose cone. Thanks Paul

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That's actually not a "tank buster" but a bomber destroyer - essentially a '262 with a small flak cannon in the nose.

Just so you know. :)

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Did it ever really fly?

I thought I read that it was a last ditch by the Luftwaffe to try and stem the near constant bombing and free run that the American Air Force enjoyed at the end of the war.

I am not a pilot or aeronautical engineer but, I would think that what looks like a small anti-tank gun sticking out of the nose would affect the flight characteristics of the plane. Not to mention aiming and recoil in flight.

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John R Meloro

There is a canon-nosed 262 on eBay right now.

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AV8R Jim

Hello paul, Contact me at snipped-for-privacy@shaw.ca if you want one, I have the Trimaster (later DML) 1/48 Hi-tech kit.

Uncle rick

Paul wrote:

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