ME 262

I am looking to purchase two Me 262 dragon kit s1/48.
The first is the version with the glass nose for the bomb aimer to sit.
The second two seated version .
Can anyone help.
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As far as I'm aware, the Me262 (German jet fighter of WW2) did not come with a version featuring a "glass nose" for a "bomb aimer".
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Bruce Probst
There's is a DML\Dragon 1/48 kit of one. Whether it existed in actuality, I don't know.
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Art Murray
i think i remember reading about a mock up. i finally saw a picture of the nightfighter prototype. those mk 108's would have whooped major shit on bomber formations.
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A friend of mine was a tail gunner on a B-17 towards the end of the war. He told me on one mission he was sitting there reading Stars and Stripes since the Luftwaffe was for all intensive purposes gone. A fast moving bogie was called out on his position. All he saw was a couple of seconds of flashes with the 17 off to the port side blowing up with the 262 flashing by - only time he ever saw a 262. Jim
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i talked to a lot of vets during the 60's and 70's who were amazed that the germans had jets. they never knoew it! they were ground pounders, though, not flyers.
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Me 262A-2a/U2.
An experimental conversion of a standard Me 262A-2a airframes.
So far as I know, only two were ever built - W.Nr.110555 and W.Nr 110484. Production was proposed under the designation Me 262A-3 but never actually begun.
Photos of both aircraft appear in Creek and Smith's Jet Planes of the Third Reich on pages 114 and 116.
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Bill Shatzer
Dad was aware of them but then he was in anti-aircraft. He claimed that the jets were faster than their radar tracking. Is that possible?
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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