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Wasn't the first appearance of the turncoat SBDs in the Why We Fight series? I have them, might need to recheck them.
I rewatched VaS recently. Most of it is "real" in that it is wartime footage. I'm not convinced that all of it is actually correct for the time periods or locations being discussed at the time. There were some studio models that looked like retreads from John Wayne's Flying Tigers in it, or it could have just been how the models were done at the time, but clearly those scenes were outtakes from some studios mockups from the 40's.
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Hummph, woouldn't be the first time. Sometimes they really get rediculous though. Last night I was watching a UFO show from Discovery Channel from earlier in the week (thank God for DVR) called "The UFO Before Roswell" about a B-25 that went down in Washington State on 1 August '47. They showed stock footage of a B-25 Mitchell in flight, CGI of the crash and for some reason photos of a Tupolov "Bear" for the take-off sequences......
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A while back I posted about a PBS program about wartime aviation and the Ploesti raids were being talked about while I'm watching Il-2s attacking something. (Tongue firmly in cheek) I had no idea we flew those against Ploesti (resume serious pose).
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There really should be a literacy test.
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