Wheel well interior seals

The discussion about the B-17 tail wheel well protective cover reminded me of
Many years ago I was working with a museum recovering a B-17 from Litchfield
Park, AZ. The aircraft had been a P2B-1S, mother ship for the D.558-2
Skyrocket. The bomb bay area was heavily modified to take the Skyrocket in the
belly. We replaced the entire fuselage center section with a section from a
The plane made a short test flight with a very fast return. The right (IIRC)
wing wouldn't stay up. When we checked we found what had to be a couple of
hundred pounds of bird crap, mummified birds and the like in the wing. They had
come in through the open landing gear bay. Nothing had gotten into the left
wing as it was sealed with a leatherized canvas (that's the best description
that I can come up with) attached with metal snaps.
A Pacific vet touring "Myrtle" at an airshow a year or so later told me that
these covers were an in-the-field modfication to keep out the coral dust.
Has anyone else ever heard of or seen this on a B-29 or any other aircraft of
the period?
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Tom, Don't you mean a B-29 mothership with B-50 parts?
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Allen Epps

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