Xmas Mourning

My wife presented me with a gift this mourning at the breakfast
table. It was set of surgical scalpels that she had purchased this
spring during our trip to Italy. They are German made and balance like a
custom knife or hand tool. I am going
to hold them in reserve for that 'special kit' that comes maybe
once or twice in a modeler's life. Hope this Day finds You All
Safe, Warm, and Healthy. :-)
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Mike Keown
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You have a fine wife.
Next Christmas, tell her to go here...
formatting link

World Precision Instruments.
They've got surgincal tools, microdissecting instruments, etc.. Some of it pricey, but a modeller's fantasy come true.
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I certainly am mourning about Christmas morning. Thank god UPS dropped off a Squadron order last night. Cheers, Max Bryant
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Max Bryant
Mike, Don't waste her gift by not using it. The most useless thing in the world is a tool that is never used for its intended purpose. Use the scalpels and wear them out with use - it's the best way to say 'Thank you' to your wife. If you save them for that 'special' kit, you may never get to feel the pleasure of working with good tools.
Hope the Holidays are safe and happy for you and yours (and to all you other no-hopers here!)
RobG (the Aussie one - where it's 35C in the shade and the BIKINIS are out! That's a real Christmas holiday!)
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Rob Grinberg

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