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Does anyone know of a list of screensavers that are approved for use with Solidworks? I'm running SW2005 SP5.0 on XP SP 2.0 and Nvidia Gforce 7600GS.

I'm having trouble with solidworks crashing on resume from my screensaver. It is our company name in 3D letters rotating from side to side in nice metalic finish.

Shortfix is to disable my screensaver. Will try some different ones and see if the problem recurrs.

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Dom, We strongly advise all SolidWorks users not to use any 3D or Open GL Screen Savers due to various problems, most notably: Getting out of "screen saver" mode. and "screen saver" starting at a conflicting time. Both resulting in crashes or look-ups. Using older op sys (namely NT), the BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death was also a common result.

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First of all, your Nvidia Gforce 7600GS is not a SolidWorks approved graphics card.

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Runs great though !

My SOny screensaver does quite well with that card and SWX'07

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