Banquer's Blog Yanked By Blogger

"This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is open
to authors only."
Wow. Can't even keep his own blog running.
I thought it might be nice if he poured his hatred into his blog and
left usenet alone, but it was just another copy/paste job.
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I bet there are more hits today as a result than during the whole if its pitiful little life.
I wonder how one violates the terms of service?
Only if the piss ant has a total and permanent melt down. All we can do is hope.
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/* Break out the crying towels you sniveling little whiners; I'm back and more in your face than ever. Jon Banquer San Diego, CA */
Has the manic twit finally burned himself out again? That must be good for a Guinness Record or Darwin Award or something.
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