Train & Trooper Hobby Shop in Maine -- Is it still there?

I just tried to get to their website and I'm getting absolutely no response.
Does anyone know
a) If they're still in business
b) They moved a few years ago. Where's the new location?
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Norm Dresner
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Their website finally woke up after a few minutes -- but has provided no information on hours or what they might currently have in their inventory. Does anyone know?
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Norm Dresner
They moved to the Phillps, Maine area some time ago. Myself and a friend were heading to Bar Mills Models for a weekend open house in June, and I thought of stopping in to see what they might have. I'd been to their previous location and was quite impressed with their stock of funky stuff.
I sent them an e-mail inquiring, and got a nice reply back. They appear to be way out in the boonies somewhere near Phillips. The directions to the place were kinda long (don't think I still have them), "turn left at red barn, up dirt road half a mile, etc.", and the place did not appear to be intended to be a drop in shop - I could be wrong. The note said "we have the stuff in a corner of the barn", which made me think this.
Since it was quite a bit out of our way, we decided to pass on trying to find them. They appear to be concentrating on mail order these days, and this may be the reason for the lack of a more suitable public shop. Their last shop was in the basement of their home. I spoke to shop owner Matt at Bar Mills, and he said he works full time at another job, so the shop is a part time affair; it was his wife who sent me the message, and asked that I be sure to notify her when I was coming so someone would be around.
Good luck!
Bob Boudreau Canada
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The T&T folks are good people. I went to their shop several times while they were "Down East", and always spent too much money (which says good things about them). It's too bad they moved (the town wanted their land pretty bad to expand their ballfields for the school). Ever since they moved, the only time I see them is at train shows. They are always in Springfield (MA) every year in building #2, and they usually come down to the Hub Division of the NMRA's show in Marlboro, MA. They still have a good collection of stuff, tho' of course most of it's HOn30... Instead of T&T, I usually go and see Maine Modelworks. They are near DeLorme's headquarters and map shop (the one with the giant spinning globe). The guy that owns MM is also a fellow New Haven fan, so you know he can't be all bad... :-)
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