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Hello there experts. I am wanting to solicit a bit of input or help from you guys.

Our company is trying to get a bit more sophisticated with our Cable Routing solutions (wire harnesses, routing, nail boards and such). I have spent just a bit of time looking at Solidworks Routing. We actually used to use EmbassyWorks when it was still a product. I have been a bit under impressed with these tools. They integrate ok with solidworks but have several other issues that I just don't like. Plus, I would really like to study some competitive products out there. I have seen a few like HarnWare, and a few others. We have Mentor Graphics in house for some EDA type stuff (PCB, analysis, etc) and of course solidworks.

1 Is there anyone out there trying to automate harness design electronically? Can anyone out there recommend any other software or other tool sets that I could do a bit of research on?

Any help is much appreciated....

--Matt Feider

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Matt Feider
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