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I searched the group on this subject and got half an answer from 2
years ago, so maybe this needs to be addressed again.
I have a cone with a pattern of angled holes . I want to skip certain
holes in the pattern. Unfortunately, when I try to select the holes to
skip, I am unable to 'select' them. The cursor does not change
indicating ability to select the instances. 2 yrs ago, someone
indicated this might be a graphics card issue, without saying what the
fix might be. My graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, running SW
SP0. Any ideas out there? I can email the file if you want to try it,
about 3.5 Mb.
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You say what SP of SW but not which version. SW 06 or 05?
There was a bug in 05 and prior where you could not select instances to skip when you made the feature, you had to make it and then edit it to get access to instances to skip.
If you are running 06 and still can't do it, I would follow all the ritual voodoo, making sure you've got the SW recommended driver version, not just the latest from nVidia, reboot the machine, try it on a new clean part, cross your fingers and toes, say a hail mary and mutter buddhist incantations.
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