Column Dead space in Bom and Revision Tables

We have just upgraded to 2004 sp 2.1, wanting to use some of the new functionality, I have tried to customize the BOM and Revision tables to meet our company standards. To my surprise (maybe I should not have been surprised)they seem to be a big tease. our typical column set up has one column that has the title "ITEM" and one column that has the title "QTY" we set these at a width of .5 inches. The bom table will only let me set the width to .91 inches.

Has anyone found a back door to decrease the column width or dead space in the columns so that the width is more tolerable?

Maybe its just me but if one introduces new fuctionallity it should be as good as what it replaces. Right now I can't see any benefit. I can't believe with this that they originally dropped the excel BOMS.

**Retorical Question** What the...?
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Bryan Player
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fyi, you can still use excel. probably have to wait for '05 to see any improvements

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kenneth b


In the BOM column you want to modify, try Column Properties, User Defined. In the custom property box, select Number, in the Title box just type one letter, N. Make the column left justified.

You should be able to slide the column - a bit more narrow. Then go back and enter complete column heading, there is still white space - but not as much.

Regards, Marie

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