Customizing lighting in Photoworks.

Hi, I am currently using Solidworks 2005. My question is, is it possible to added custom lights in certain locations for rendering in Photoworks. For example, I have a lamp which I would like to illuminate, is it possible of moving a directional light or something like that within the lamp? Or just move a light over a certain object.

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You can add lights to your SW/PW file. In the feature tree(near the top) there is a lighting folder. Right click on this folder, you have the option to add more lighting. There are (3) different kinds of lights, spot, directional and point. I would try the point light for your example. Once you have created the lights you can right click the light and chose properties. This will allow you to change the position and settings of the light. SW/PW will only support a maximum of (9) lights.

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Rock Guy

Rock guy is right. One thing to add, though - you have to use a point (best option for your application) or a spotlight.. Directional lights are like light from the sun - the source is infinitely far away. So you can not move a directional light within a lamp. Directional lights only have one value, a vector for the parallel rays of light to follow.

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Select the Option to Lock the Light to the model then you can position it directly within the lamp and not have it move when you rotate your view or select a different camera.

Here's a sneaky trick.

Select a flat face where your light will be coming from. (I usually build a cylinder body that represents the threaded post of a light bulb that stops at the filament location)

Then select normal to in you view orientation window (spacebar, then dbl-clk normal to after making sure you have the appropriate flat surface selected)

Now while you're looking straight on the face of the "light cylinder" create a new spotlight or point light.

Now select lock to model before you zoom/pan/rotate etc.

The light will now be placed axial to and in the centroid of the face selected.

Good luck.


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