Design Table Error - Unable To Edit - Help

I've opened a SW2005 file that contains a design table and when
i go to edit design table (same with in a window) i get the
following error...
"Failed to laungh server application."
Would anyone know what is going on here? I can't edit any file
with a design table in SW2006. :( I can create a Design Table
but at any point after i catn edit it.
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I have had that error on occasion.
1/ Reboot 2/ Launch Excel before you edit the table 3/ Edit table in different window
John Layne
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John Layne
This usually should solve it. When I get that error, there is usually an excel.exe process running invisibly, so a new one won't launch. Another option is to kill this extra Excel.exe process from the task manager.
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Dale Dunn
If stopping the excel process does not work, ...and rebooting the computer is getting old, running in a separrate window is the most error free.
Another thing to consider are excel add-ins. I had two engineers who were plagued by design table problems and in the end, I simply turned off all of their add-ins. The excel executive program still hangs from time to time but for the most, their problems were resolved. I never did find out if there was one particular source for the problems but "Access Links", "Auto Save" and the "Lookup Wizard" were common to both of their settings.
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