2004/SP0 Editing Design Table Blues

I can create a design table in 2004 but cannot edit them. When trying to
edit a design table receive message "failed to launch server application".
My VAR seems to think it has something to do with Norton Anti-Virus,
installation of SolidWorks and Excel.
However, I have uninstalled Windows Office XP and SolidWorks and then
reinstalled with the same results. Norton Anti-virus "Auto Protect" was
disabled during the installation process.
VAR also recommended all Excel add-in applications be deactivated.
Apparently, these add-ins have been known to generate "failed to launch
server application" according to VAR. Unfortunately for me, there are no
Excel add-ins currently activated.
I did not have this problem with 2001Plus or 2003/SP4 (same operating system
and computer)
Has anyone else come across this problem and a resolution?
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I had a similar problem years back. I never figured out how to fix it but a work around I found was that if I had excel already open before I did anything that would launch it from SWX it seemed to be fine.
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Bryan Player
I've seen this myself but kind of kept going by doing (???) something. I'll pay attention and see let you know what I find out.
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Tom Chasteen
OK this is bazaar! All I did last night was open Excel, open up add-ins, unchecked a box called "progID. IAS:Accounting.1" and still couldn't edit design tables. Left the box unchecked and shut down for the night. At this point I thought about throwing my computer out the window. Finally rationalized I couldn't afford another work station right now. Came back the next morning, fired up SW and now could edit design tables.
Wife had to listen to me grumbling to myself all evening about SW and computers. She was very patient, ignored me as usual and left me to my own devices.
Thanks for the suggestion.
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