Detached drawings what are the benefits?

My few attempts at using detached drawings have been disappointing. I seemed to have to constantly load the model or change the drawing back to a standard SolidWorks drawing.

I would be interested to hear If others are using this functionality and are getting a significant benefit from it.

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Detached drawings allow the creation of very large assembly dwgs that do not crash your machine orr cause unreasonable hang times. If you use a series of subassemblies, you only have to activate that subassy to update part features in the dwg. You can text edit, add detail views, move views from sheet to sheet and perform other functions without loading the model. Going from sheet to sheet takes seconds instead of minutes.

If you are not concerned with large assemblies, there is no advantage I can think of for using detached model mode.



"John Layne"

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Dennis Deacon

Thanks for the reply, I wasn't aware you could activate particular subassembly within Detached drawings.

On the next project I will attempt to use them with large assembly files.


John Layne

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John Layne

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