Printer recommendations?

My appologies if this has been covered recently, but I couldn't find it
with a search.
I am looking to do moderate sized prints (11"x17" or the next size
bigger) of assembly drawings in black and white. Can anyone recommend
a low cost printer of reasonable quality?
Many thanks
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If you only need to go to 11x17, Epson makes some inkjets that are pretty nice quality and reasonable cost. I'm not sure what the current model number would be, mine is a couple years old and is model 1160
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HP makes a reasonably priced inkjet printer that supports up to 11 by 17 size paper. Years ago, it was a DeskJet 1120C and it I believe that was replaced with the 1220C. I have used the newer 1220C and it prints very well both in color or black and white. They may have changed the model number again, but they should still be selling it new for $500 or less. I have about a five year old 1120C and its still going strong. If you want really inexpensive, look for a used printer.
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John Eric Voltin
I have used the HP CP1700 for several years. You can still get them for < $500. They print up to 13x19 color and BW (does a good job on color photos) and there is a duplexer available so you can print double sided. Steve
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I have been using a HP2500C for about 5 years now. It has been an awesome printer. It has 3 trays and all of them will hold up to 13 x 19 paper (and lots of it to boot). I have it setup with 11 x 17 in one tray, and letter size in another. The 3rd tray is essentially a manual "use as needed" tray for special things (such as labels) since it only holds about 10-15 sheets. The printer automatically "knows" which tray to grab from depending on your printing size.
It cost us a little over $1000 new, but it has since been discontinued. The newer version of this is the HP2600C and it is priced somewhere in the $800-900 range.
When we bought it and I started using it, I was so impressed that I wanted to get one for home. But due to the expense, it never happened. However I just looked on eBay and found several good used ones for under $200. I may be getting one now.
I HIGHLY recommend one of these, even used!!! This thing has printed TONS and TONS of prints without even a maintenance call. It has never even had a hiccup, until just last week. I started getting errors on the display and would not print. So I took it in to our local authorized repair shop and they could find anything wrong with it. So I brought it back and its been working fine ever since. Guess it just needed a car ride.
One thing though! It is a rather large printer. It is NOT one of those printers that you will just sit on your desk next to your monitor. It measures about 27W x 14T x 30D (with the large size paper tray installed). I wasn't expecting it to be that big when it arrived several years ago.
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Seth Renigar
Great stuff. Thanks for all the input! Chris
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